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Bonus Stage (abbreviated BS) is an animated Flash action/adventure/comedy series that focuses attention on the randomness, sarcasm, and parodic moments of life.

The cartoon is focused on Joel Dawson, a wannabe scientist who loves to invent random things and mess with peoples lives. Phil Argus, a normal person with superpowers, follows Joel in his adventures although begrudgingly. There's Elly Strife, who has a crush on Joel that mainly goes unanswered. Phil also has a mom, named Jessica Argus. She's middle-aged, but she acts and looks as if she's a 25-year-old woman who just wants to now fit in with the crew. She arrived when she couldn't stand her son, Phil, describing his life as miserable and empty.

Rya Botkins is a robot created by Joel to be Phil's girlfriend. She is a cynical monster who verbally rips people (mostly Phil) apart, and she is not really Phil's girlfriend. It's not known why Rya has a robotic voice while June Crane, another robot built by Joel (Disproved she is a robot in episode 78 5m 8s into the episode), has a normal sounding one, but this is could be attributed to the bizarreness that is Joel Dawson. Rya turned into a human in episode 79, which led to her permanent death, a controversial move to some Bonus Stage fans.

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All this started with High Score, the original show before Bonus Stage, which we think got started as an attempt to compete with Homestar Runner. Unfortunately, the cartoon only lasted 4 episodes and was cancelled due to lack of interest from the creator.

Bonus Stage was created by Matt Wilson. Matt hates some of his fans, because they do not think or behave like normal rational human beings, as well as the fact that none of them are ever satisfied with any specific direction the show goes, making it impossible to adjust the writing. Regardless, his fans love him anyway.

Matt also does (nearly) all the voices on the show and uses FL Studio to create his background music and theme song. He uses Swift3D for his computer-generated images (often referred to as CGI) such as the intro (letters in the name), and the introductory Couch Slave Studios scene.

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  • Series length as of The FAT of the LAN: 9 hours, 7 minutes and 42 seconds.
  • Episode quantity: 89 episodes.
  • Main setting currently: Charismaville
  • Main settings of the past: Charismaville, Outer Space, Hydrox
  • Bonus Stage Death Count: 153
  • Production: Ended in 2006.

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  • Matt Wilson based both shows on his experiences working in a Christian grocery store.
  • Matt Wilson was the creator of High Score, a popular Flash series. After a while, Matt decided to update weekly, so he created the spin-off known as Bonus Stage.
  • After around thirty episodes of Bonus Stage, the Animated Diversions server couldn't handle the bandwidth brought in by Bonus Stage's popularity, so the High Score sub-site died. However, he posted some episodes of Bonus Stage and all of the High Score episodes at Newgrounds, and later created a whole new site for Bonus Stage on KeenToons.
  • High Score episodes can still be seen, however. The HS site is now located at When you click on any links, you will be taken to the old site, which is now an advertising space. Just type ".adiversions" after "highscreonline" in the URL. You will eventually find the High Score episodes.
  • Bonus Stage soon became more popular than the original HS series, which doesn't often happen. By season 3, the episodes became longer. Many edits were made to the episodes already there as well.
  • Before The Day The World Did Stuff, Bonus Stage was always known as "High Score's Bonus Stage." Since then, it has been simply called "Bonus Stage". It is also referred to as "The Cancelled Show".
  • As of Phil and Joel IN: "Baby Ballface Must Die", Bonus Stage episodes were released bi-weekly.
  • Bonus Stage was originally slated for one hundred episodes. Due to financial concerns, Matt decided to cut the series short and end it after 87 episodes. However, a member of the BS forums named TKeely4777 promised to pay Matt enough money to make it worth his while to finish the original 100 episode run of Bonus Stage. Unfortunately, TKeely never made good on his offer, and Matt ended the series at 87 episodes as planned (88 if you count Fission Mailed).
  • On June 21st, 2006, Matt released a preview of the 89th episode The FAT of the LAN and dubbed it "The Lost Episode". The full version is available to watch for 99 cents.
  • On December 11th, 2007, All episodes of Bonus Stage were available on the popular streaming media site YouTube.
  • Matt Wilson attempted to make another webtoon named "The Stupid Adventures Of Mark An' Tony".

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Characters: Joel, Phil, Elly, Rya, Jessica, Andrew,

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