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High Score is an animated Internet series, created by the cartoonist Matt Wilson. In November of 2003 it was paired with another series called Bonus Stage (with weekly updates every Friday), with the same characters but much simpler animation and plots.

Both series focus on the lives of roommates Phil Argus (retail worker and occasional superhero) and Joel Dawson (scientist and occasional idiot), along with a growing number of other characters, including Joel's stalker groupie Elly Strife, Phil's girlfriend Candice Jones, and Joel's robot creation June Crane. The series combine webcomic wit with Adult-Swim-esque randomness to create a very unique and diverse cartoon show.

Series RunsEdit

The main High Score series is a six-episode run. Five episodes have been released up to this point (including one extended episode of Bonus Stage which was released as a High Score episode). The sixth and final episode was scheduled to debut toward the end of July2004 . While many seasons of High Score were originally planned, Matt Wilson has decided to end the sporadically updated series with a single season, turning his attention to new projects. Bonus Stage will continue beyond its parent series' run. High Score continues to remain on Toon Zone, while Bonus Stage has moved to the animation site KeenTOONS. Though High Score is dead, there have been some talks of placing the old episodes on Matt's Couch Slave Studios site, when it reopens.

There have been some visual plans to bring High Score back to life, seen with new redesigns of Elly, Phil, and Joel. Also shown was a design that was originally thought to be Rya; the color was changed in episode 78 to clarify that it was a model for June. These concepts have ended up in the intro for the 7th season of Bonus Stage and are seen below.

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