Much a do about crisps is a flash animation by jamieandthelemon of newgrounds

About a man who invents a new flavor of crisps All the flavors of the rain forest in one crisp Rain forest crisps

While at the same time WIlkers crisps (walker’s crisps) is in decline

While the rain forest crisps gain widespread popularity

This causes general death And the CEO of Wilkers crisps To become jealous General death plans to kidnap and later pinch the guy who invented the crisps and call him horrible names until he tells him the secret to the flavor If not his sidekick Arnold will poke him in the ribs He is later encouraged by the CEO of wilkers crisps to execute his evil plan Meanwhile the inventor of the crisps has been running and hiding in various places around the world before finally settling in Mexico general death soon catches up with him However when he is about to execute his plan it is reviled that it is the one thing that the creator of the crisps treasures So general death decides to leave him alone But it is later sold for millions of dollars

The movie may be seen here [[1]]