Biography Edit

Satan, obviously, is the ruler of Hell. Which is on the sun. His name is Daniel and he runs the place (or at least that's what he said in Accursed Meeting, probably due to the episode's forced edits). His choices for punishment are watching Time Squad, watching Shrek 2, or eating his mom's horrible spaghetti.

For some odd reason he talks using his "horns" and is quite possibly the strangest character model on the site. Satan has the horrible habit to continously blabber on (usually citing stand-up comedy cliches such as "driving on the parkway/parking in the driveway") until someone shuts him up. Also known for being bad at math according to Joel when he comments on that the circumference of a circle being zero.

Satan bunks with Phil when he wishes Hell away and joins him for bowling every Thursday. He recently teamed up with Evil to burn Phil's House down.

Fun Facts Edit

  • He uses a skeleton as a bowling ball, which Phil thinks is pretty funny.
  • Satan, Phil, Keen, Phil's Friend, The Action Squad Detective Force, Black Nightlight and June were the only ones not kidnapped in Evil's New Groove.
  • He was "born" on October 22nd. He and Phil share the same birthday.