Biography Edit

The Stomach King is an extremely obese fuchsia guy with a crown. He speaks with an odd, supposedly foreign accent. He seems like a really ignorant villain even though, like all stupid villains, he claims he is great. The Stomach King states that he a feared intergalactic ruler, but it is not clear as to what exactly he's the king of. He has admitted to being an ambassador of The Planet of Refried Beans and declined to comment on the possibility of being the ruler of Krispy Kreme.

When Joel, Phil, Jessica, and Rya landed on Vegitania V he captured them and proceeded to reveal his plan. The group pointed out how all of his ideas were ripoffs (Brainiac and Halo) and somehow managed to escape.

He later kidnapped Rya in Fit for Fatpants and attempted to use her for his Rya-powered raygun on Kurtztek VI. As he had planned, Joel and Phil arrived to rescue her. As he had not planned, he was also caught in the ensuing explosion that wiped out everyone.

The Stomach King returned in Joel's Substitute as part of a partnership with KOKOR. However, despite finding the "spooky" place and funding their plans, he still seemed to be a rather ignorant and ineffectual villian. At the least, he was far more skillful then KOKOR at Dance Dance Revolution (probably due to the fact KOKOR dosen't have legs anymore).

After the events in The Day The Earth Did Stuff, The Stomach King went to Earth and sought revenge on Joel and Phil for killing KOKOR and thwarting his plans in the episode Legionally Blind. He teamed up with his imaginary friend Brainio to create a legion that would accomplish his goal of revenge - not to mention bank robberies, pop tarts, and book signings - but no supervillain would join it. Probably because of his outrageous initiation task of invading an island filled with robot sharks, and robot birds, and robot ferris wheels.

The Stomach King later appeared in Bonus Stages, disguised as Clark Griswold, and in slimmed-down form (a giant coin appeared from the sky and scratched away his extra pounds). He was very thankful towards Joel for offering him the helpful advice that coins can be used in vending machines to dispense snacks, but was sadly never able to "dance" with him, due to Phil's destruction of Bonus Stage.

Fun Facts Edit

  • He is not The Radioactive Grape.
  • Apparently, he has a thing for Rya, hitting on her in Ficus Group and kidnapping her in First Place in the Face.